Interview: Lakrids – Food is the new Fashion!

... they are small, they are round - and they`re making us lose our minds. The creations of Lakrids by Johan Bülow are a yet unknown experience of taste. You don't like liquorice? Well, we hear that quiet often. But still - you guys are leaving our house packed with 2 bags full of Lakrids! So, what is the secret behind the brand?

"We see Lakrids by Johan Bülow as a lifestyle product"

August Pfüller: People who take care in the way they dress usually eat well, too. It has to do with style and taste' - Do you agree with this quote? Why?


Lakrids: As our motto currently says: FOOD IS THE NEW FASHION. Everything depends on fashion, style, food, music, interior. It's about feeling something valuable. But we definitely believe that people who are into high quality, combine it with fashion and food.


August Pfüller: How is Lakrids connected to fashion and lifestyle?

Lakrids: We see Lakrids by Johan Bülow as a lifestyle product. We always pay attention to keep this standard in the shops we are selling Lakrids. Whether it's a flower store, gourmet store or concept store, we always strive to find the partners that match our lifestyle.

Lakritz und Gebäckspezialitäten? Ja!

"It looks stunning!"

August Pfüller: What was Mr. Bülow’s intention to start doing a product with Lakritz and not with something else?


Lakrids: Johan Bülow is from a family of entrepreneurs who also deal with sweets. They produce fudge, sweets and even Marshmallows. It is therefore obvious that he was influenced by it. But the actual intention was that he could not find any licorice,  that he liked. So he decided to produce his own and this revolutionized the whole liquorice market.


August Pfüller: What is Mr.Bülow's inspiration for the new flavours?

Lakrids: Everyone can express wishes. Really everyone! The inspirations and suggestions come naturally from all over the world. Nevertheless, it needs to be spices and ingredients that can be adapted to licorice or made suitable. Processing with chocolate must be possible also. We can look forward to many, exciting varieties!


August Pfüller: What is Lakritz also been used for? (Some curious facts)

Lakrids:  The sweet loaf, made from licorice, used to be once the only sweetener besides honey. This is hardly imaginable today. In addition, the sweet 37x is sweeter than sugar - and now the best thing - it has 0% calories!

The rumor that liquorice would increase the blood pressure, is partly right. Only if you eat too much is like with every other candy.

And it is also interesting that the liquirice root is antiseptic and therefore suitable for toddlers to chew on as their first teeth are growing

Hier verschmelzen die feinen Aromen besten Lakritz´mit ausgewählten Gourmetspezialitäten

" We are an extremely style- and trend-orientated company."

August Pfüller: What flavours are coming up next?

Lakrids: We don't want to tell too much, but this year we will have a total of 4 Limited Editions. It is seasoned with sea salt, ginger, lemongrass and Belgian chocolate, caramel and raspberry. We can not tell more.

P.S. The new packaging will blow you away!

August Pfüller: What is your favorite?

Lakrids: The absolute highlight will be the HALLOWEEN creations. We never had such a creative design. But otherwise the pure liquorice is simply unbeatable. Once Lakrids by Johan Bulow and you will never want to eat anything else again.

August Pfüller: Is the Food, like Fashion, driven by trends, seasonality and the occasional gust of hype?

Lakrids: Absolutely. We are an extremely style- and trend-orientated company. That is why we also change the layout of labels and even in our stores seasonally, our furniture is regularly upgraded.

Our colleagues come from a wide range of industries and bring their sense of trends and beauty to the company.

August Pfüller: Why should everyone have a Lakrids jar in their handbag?


It is simply the best souvenir in the world.

There is always a great story to tell.

- It looks stunning!

- It just tastes incredible!

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