Dressed sustainable with Affenzahn

Whether on the way to the vacation, on the way to the kindergarten or simply into the city - the faithful companions of Affenzahn shouldn't be missing with any child. Various animal species from the entire (fantasy) world are represented in the designs and make the transport of personal belongings easier in the form of backpacks, suitcases and toilet bags.

For Affenzahn itself 4 fantastic factors stand in the foreground:

- Functional: The Affenzahn products have cool features and loving details with benefits

- Friends: The favorite animal as a familiar companion and play companion for the little ones

- Encouraging: Through pulling turns, Velcro sleeves and more, both the play instinct and fine motor skills are promoted

- Fair: Affenzahn is bluesign® partner and conserves the resources of our planet. The materials used consist of 50% recycled PET bottles.

Playful, functional and sustainable!

The backpacks, bags and shoes from Affenzahn are functional, playfully promote fine motor skills and are also sustainably manufactured. Children will find a faithful friend and companion in the cute animal designs with names.


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